The following article shows some of the top features of the Scor-Buddy.  Please feel free to comment on your favorite Scor-Buddy features.

Scor case 

The Scor-Buddy is light and portable and comes with a carrying case included in the price.

FYI: The Scor-tool also comes with the scor buddy, but I recommend you getting a spare just in case your tool gets lost or wears down.


The Scor-Buddy has a magnetic area for holding small metal objects like paper clips and brads.

When I held my Scor-Buddy in an upright position the brads did not fall off.


The Scor-Buddy is ideal for invitations, card making, small gift boxes and much more.  The picture to the left shows markings on the Scor-Buddy for gate fold cards.


The triangle symbol indicates the groove for brochure folding, accordion booklets and letter folding.


The Scor-Buddy is also great for embossing and debossing to add dimension to card making projects.  You can also emboss and deboss cardstock to die cut for scrapbooking projects.

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